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Our aim at Shredz Fitness Centre is to help you acheive your goals and become the best version of yourself. We offer support for all our members and personal training, nutritional advice, supplements and merchandise is available to purchase. Everyone is welcome and our vast variety of equipment means we are able to cater for everyone whether you are looking to improve general fitness, lose weight, are a power lifter or a competitive bodybuilder.

The Director of Shredz Fitness has years of professional experience in the fitness industry and has won many awards including 1st place in the 2013 UKBFF North West Championships and the 2015 Wabba Hercules Olympia.  He is an expert at motivating people and has a great drive to acheive high results. View his profile below.

Rhys Meakin


Rhys is a highly competitive sportsman who has been driven to be the best he can be. From an early start in racing motocross aged ten, he knew that he had to push his personal limits both mentally and physically to compete against others who are now considered as some of the fastest riders in the UK.

Rhys is a very keen bodybuilder and has achieved an amazing compeititve record from novice to British Champion in two federations in just two years, which is an excellent start to his quest for a successful bodybuilding career.

Rhys’ personal goals are to become a world class professional bodybuilder that will inspire and motivate individuals from all sporting backgrounds and as a coach he hopes to motivate anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle or become serious in bodybuilding and will help people achieve their goals whatever it takes. For any coaching or transformation enquiries, please email Rhys on or send him a message on Instagram @rhys_shredz.

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Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 6am - 10pm
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