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Lynsey Marie Page

I have always been involved in fitness and have competed in sport since the young age of 5. I have a lively personality with a genuine heart and will push you beyond your capabilities! My personal fitness experience and achievements include:

  • Various dancing competitions and shows
  • Gymnastics competitions
  • School team sport and athletics
  • Kickboxing tournaments and full contact fights
  • Boxing bouts winning a British title in 2007
  • PCA Bikini competition in 2018
  • Lots of crazy fundraising for charities

My main areas of professional expertise include:

  • Trainer experience in Residential Bootcamp’s
  • Gym instructing
  • Bootcamp classes
  • Bootcamp day events
  • Nutrition
  • Personal training
  • Metafit coach
  • Boxing instructor
  • Teaching various gym classes

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