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Looking for Personal Trainers in Swadlincote?

Do you need some motivation and guidance?

At Shredz, we have qualified personal trainers who will work with you to put together a personalised training program. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve general fitness, your personal trainer will do what they can to help you achieve your goals. In addition to face to face personal training we now also offer online workout videos and personal training via the Shredz App.

Our dedicated team will be here to help you every step of the way, to book a training session please call us on 01283 210463 or email


Meet Our Personal Trainers

Rhys Meakin

I have been part of the bodybuilding world since 2013, I have competed in many bodybuilding championships in different divisions and federations within the UK and Europe. I have coached many competitors in all areas of bodybuilding both men and women, with proven results. My own training experience has been transferable to many other sporting areas and professional athletes.

As a gym owner I am knowledgeable about the fitness industry in general, new techniques, equipment, nutrition and training styles. If you feel ready to start a new challenge, compete or improve your fitness please contact me on  I now offer coaching, which includes a custom training and meal plan with weekly check ins. For Shredz members this is £100 per month, and for non members £125 per month.

Amber Fradley

Known as: Big Dave.

Qualifications: Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, Circuit Training.

Specialisms: Resistance training, weight loss, strength training. I am a body composition specialist, dietician, bodybuilder, legs bums & tums circuit specialist.

How many years have you worked in the industry: 5 Years What motivated you to be a PT: I have always been into fitness from a young age, I swam for Derby and also competed in track as a junior. I have always been very into cardio and then I found the weight room. I was inspired by bodybuilding and seeing how much your body can change from lifting weights and naturally a lot of people asked me for help in the gym. I really enjoyed that and I really thrive off seeing people hit their goals and targets, and pushing people out of their comfort zones to get the best results. I also love to see people who have never entered a gym before and are very nervous, become regular visitors and I really enjoy seeing their journey.

How your experience can help and motivate your Shredz clients: I am a mother of two and I am now going into my first year of competitive bodybuilding. I know how hard it is to make time for the gym when you are a parent BUT I have proved to everyone that you can be a parent and still reach your fitness goals.

My goals: To keep getting better and better at what I do. Once I hit a goal, ill make another goal. I would like to keep pushing my clients to reach their goals and make sure they are always happy.

River Hardy

Qualifications: Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Sports Science.

Specialisms: Resistance Training, weight loss, confidence building, bodybuilding, strength training, fitness improvement.

How many years have you worked in the industry: 1 year working in the industry, 7 years experience training in the gym myself.

What motivated you to be a PT: I have always been heavily involved in sports from a young age, through high school I was a county champion for cross country and also did very well on the track, moving to the weight room when I was 19. I have had a variety of experiences learning how the body changes and found a passion for helping other people to achieve their goals. I love motivating people and seeing an improvement mentally and physically.

My goals: To keep learning everyday which will in hand help my clients improve their lifestyle and always keep my customers satisfied. I will always show my clients new techniques to help them improve and will always keep my clients motivated and on track.

Izzy Wall

Lynsey Marie Page

Lynsey is a self- employed personal trainer and coach, but is a huge part of the Shredz team. Lynsey has always been involved in fitness and has competed in sports since the age of five. She has a lively personality and will push her clients beyond their capabilities.

Lynsey’s main areas of expertise include: Trainer experience in Residential bootcamps, gym instructing, nutrition, personal training, metafit coach, boxing instructor and teaching various gym classes.